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    Question Run away villager trouble on Iron Titan.

    Hi fellow happydiggers,

    Jiro and I decided to try and build Tango Tek's Iron Titan (he's got a tutorial on youtube) on the vanillamap. But alas, we're having villager trouble to the max. I hope some of the bright minds here at happydiggers can shine some light on this as the villagers needed for this farm can't be kept in to their holding cells.

    The platform for the villages has been build in the spawn chunks quite close to the build limit (for estethic reasons). Next step, the villagers.
    First we made the holding cells for the villagers as in the yt tutorial, they're made of glass and have open corners. There are 3 cells needed, 1 with 5 villagers (which seems to have not that much trouble) and 2 cells containing 21 villagers each. Those 2 cells with the 21 villagers are always releasing quite some villagers. So we also tried some alternatives, but none of these seem to work :

    (view from above on the cells)

    open corners cell (diamonds are just an aid in this post to get those glass blocks in the right place)

    closed corners cell

    slightly expanded version of the cell (the furnace here means a solid block, we used stone brick)

    other version of the expanded cell.

    Everything seems ok after the villagers are transported in to their cells. And during the day (here in Europe) all is fine and dandy. People log on, log off, everything seems to be holding up. Even when there is no one on the server for some time during the day in which this task is completed.

    But everytime I wake up after a good/bad night of sleep and I log on, the villagers or running around. Not all of them, but always a good portion of the total count.

    We haven't build the chunkloader for it yet, (a mechanism that spews out items in to a netherportal), which is needed in case we eventually get to making the villages on the platform so they won't collapse in to one big village. Could that be the problem? I don't think so, but I could be wrong of course.

    Are we putting too much load in the vicinity of the spawnchunks as there are some farms in the neighbourhood?

    Did we simply build it too high in the sky?

    Could this be a server mechanic? Rebooting during the night or something so things get screwed up for this specific case?

    Any thoughts on this are very much appreciated.

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    I haven't confirmed this, but I suspect they're phasing out after the server backup. If someone can get them all in their cells today, I'll try to confirm this tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cliffs View Post
    I haven't confirmed this, but I suspect they're phasing out after the server backup. If someone can get them all in their cells today, I'll try to confirm this tonight.
    I can't do it today. Maybe tomorrow.

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    Ok, at 14:00 an 14:30 (16/09/2014) I have refilled both cells with villagers. Cliffs, if you have the time, could you keep an eye out again?

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    The server restarts right after the backup is complete, so it might be an issue with the MC server not saving positions of villagers correctly on shutdown?

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    if what sverf says is true then they're probably getting stuck in the glass, and then pathfinding out of it into the machine. Is glass necessary? using solid blocks would do the trick.

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    2 times out of 4 I found +/- 2 villagers in the glass blocks themselves so, those certainly have something to do with it. Using solid blocks means less villages or a slightly bigger build. But I think we can work that out.

    Problem is, is it only the glass blocks? Maybe they also get pushed in to the solid blocks (suffocate and die). I always find some villagers missing. Or is that just not possible? (would be great, than we can finally move on).

    Some probably fell of the platform, but 2 days ago I collected 11 loose villagers and gave them enough room (with no escaping possible with normal game mechanics and solid blocks of dirt around them) and still 5 of them were gone yesterday when I checked. They had access to the water canal up there, but should'nt be able to escape it.

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    Best solution might be to add another layer of glass to the containment cell? They'll be forced to pathfind back into the cell, but this'll mean the farm will probably have to be modified. Would this be possible?

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    I have a feeling that the villagers are bumping into each other on start/stop of the server. Their positions are saved in the bumped position, loaded on restart and placed in the same bumped location. This location probably isn't where they are visible kept while the server is running. I suspect that if you can separate the villagers into individual cells, then the issue might stop.

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    More glass is no problem for the villages. It'll take away a few spawning spots, but if that would solve it, great. But I also had a feeling those 2 villagers inside the glass just couldn't get back in the cell because it's too crowded to just walk in there and maybe after a few days they would get out eventually. Also in the original titan the villagers are lowered on to a carpet that rests on a door and those cells only have 1 block thick glass wall and a slab is being pushed in to the villagers heads for the next level of the farm. So making other sorts of cells makes things a bit more complicated.
    I want to be quite sure that the villagers stay in there, because this farm needs the placement of +1000 doors I believe and a part of those must be set and destroyed again in a very specific way so it's kinda important.

    Maybe we'll have to opt for a bunch of cells with just a handfull of villagers per cell. (was making this post before DOM placed his, I'm so slow lol)

    I don't know if we can chain villages if they're not right next to each other. Only know how Tango does this and that's mostly when they're right next to each other. Will have to look in to that, if it can be done than we can opt for another layout on the platform with biggers cells made out of solid blocks (less villages in that case but that won't be a farm breaking problem).

    But already thanks for thinking with me on this problem.
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