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    Exclamation The great town of Ashford

    Hey all i made a humble town called ashford on the new server a week ago had only a tower , well and town warp building now a week has past and the town has 6 citizens 5 houses, town hall , market square, army barracks , tradingpost , city main gate , naturall cliffs made by hand and nice road to connect them all.

    If u want to join the town just ask me or when im not online mail me ingame or here.

    To do list for the town:

    Building a wall around ahsford border
    Building a church
    Building ashford castell
    Building harbor
    Building ships and
    Building more houses
    Building a library
    Building a workshop area with mining site with tunnels
    Building a aquaduct (mabey)
    Building a sewer that conects all houses an other buildings
    Creating a survival story adventure mission in and around town
    Building Paths/ roads / bridges/ tunnels to spawn

    So if u feel up to the task comment or join on the server

    Texture pack / rescourse pack
    Shader pack

    See u soon
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