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    Red face Places I enjoy: free stuff shops of year 1116.

    So the server is pretty mature and there are tons of beautiful places, many are already touched with abandonment.
    It's impossible to describe them all.

    But some places also carry like cooperative function and therefore attract people constantly. I think they are worth mentioning. At least I like them so much that want to describe.

    I got explicit owner permissions to do that. Also it's only my subjective point of view.

    Most people are kind to newcomers, especially when they are not greedy and ask for food and stuff politely.
    When I joined server second time (first time I didn't understand a thing and quit ) I was saved from starvation by a person who I can not mention becouse he doesnt play anymore.

    But helping people peer-to-peer distracts a lot, especially during weekend peaks. So people keep making and supporting those awesome free stuff places, when u can simply chat a newcomer where to get free stuff.

    First place I met was Llamafarm - right at it's spawn there's a sign, inviting to have free peppers and fruits. For me it was a good source of food during first days on server.

    Second place I was charmed by was Metamorfos' floating Bubble east of Spawn. It features: a trade advertisment at the basement, thrist-quenching water lift up, pressure plates and dispensers for food, rocks, sticks, and shareable engineer-access door to the inner room for refilling. I was kindly added as a supporter there and enjoy refilling it and watching how people use it.

    The last but definitely not least is the new Free Stuff place north of Spawn. Made by craftengineer it features many state-of-the art machinery to precisely control food dispensing.
    It features:
    - highly noticeable signboard, attracting people
    - rich choice of stuff
    - high number of service personel
    - forget-proof service doors
    - donation chests and droppers
    - donation droppers are joined into a powered chain, allowing donators to push donations into an inner inaccessible area, preventing thieveing of all donations
    - delayed dispensing system, which prevents greedy people from taking too much
    - free raw stone generator
    - water ofc
    - and some other nice features

    I am very thankful for all these people for allowing me to participate in supporting these places, learning new stuff and watching people behaviour, discovering preventing of possible thieving hacks, etc. And being very open and warmly accepting my humble ideas.

    And for the administration, who helped us to understand a strange case of stuff disappearing

    P.S. There are also some cool abandoned free stuff places at spawn, e.g. the one with black portal. Unfortunately it seems to be empty and even partly blocked by a neighbour.
    And many people also make nice free stuff areas in their towns.

    P.P.S I totally forgot another amazing free place: a garden with free trees, branches, berries, compliments of a town. Unfortunately I can not name it since it's abandoned and I have no permission - but still works perfectly.
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