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Thread: I'm back, baby!

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    I'm back, baby!

    So, a month ago, I converted my computer to liquid cooling. It ran GREAT for about two weeks, then we had a power outage... At the same time I was playing Destiny, so I didn't turn the computer back on for a few days... I looked in the window and checked for any dripping, and turned the machine on... Everything started up fine, but one of my monitors didn't turn on while messing with my BIOS... After restarting I glanced over and saw a drip!!! I quickly unplugged everything and noticed both graphics cards COVERED in water and dripping on the psu... Long story short, I figured out where the leak was, cleaned up both graphics cars, and found the main card has fried! I'm now down to one card, but everything is up and running and I'm back to discover and build some more in the vast world of Minecraft!!!

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    Glad to hear you're able to play again Several of us play on the newly released HappyDiggers Minecraft server now more often than the TFC one so you'll find Legend and I there. It also looks like your Small World application went through a few weeks ago as well so you'll have access to that as well.

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    'one card'

    Never trust watercooling

    Welcome back. I expect to see you soon.

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    I think most of the people in our community who have ever used watercooling had trouble with it. Glad to see you're up and running again though

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