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    Can't Connect to TFC Server

    I just started playing minecraft again after a long while, and first thing I did was get TFC. played for a few hours in survival, and then I decided to try and find a server. This one does seem very promising, however I can't seem to connect to the server at all. I punch in the address on the server list page, but it says it can't connect? Is it a problem that I am using the technic launcher to play TFC? Or am I just incompetent and can't figure it out. Either way I'd like to play still and will do whatever needs to be done to play. If you need anymore information just ask and I'll provide to the best of my knowledge.

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    Just to clarify, this is the IP you are using, yes?
    If so, are you using the correct Minecraft/TFC version? The current server is still using 1.6.4 (which is using the b78.17 patch for TFC), meaning you'll have to downgrade to play if you are using TFC b79/1.7.10.

    Download link for TFC

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    So apparently I am incompetent xD Didn't realize that my modpack had self updated. Went back and downloaded the old one again, and it is showing up now. Thanks for pointing out things I should have already checked xD

    However now it is saying I have a bad login? And when I go back to the server list it says communication error? Not sure if that was just a fluke or not, I'll try again later tonight to make sure.
    And to clarify yes I am using the correct version and the correct IP Address

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    started working, so I'm guessing it was just a weird deal

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    That 'Bad Login" error when trying to join a server (and communication errors on server lists) happens sometimes. Easiest way to fix it is to just restart your client.

    But in any case, good to hear you can play now.

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