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    Triumphant return! ... Soon...

    Been a little bit since I've been on here, due too various personal reasons I have been inactive for about the past Month. I haven't been able too access any type of computer in order too play, and decided I wasn't going too post here until I was close too getting back on. So, I'm getting a new fairly medium grade laptop (HP Envy touchsmart 17t w/ Gtx 850m and 16 GB RAM if you're wondering) along with some sensible gaming gear ( an actual gaming mouse and keyboard) and will most probably be able too get on some time next week, maybe before if I'm lucky.

    Sorry for the abrupt leave, I know I was working on some stuff on the TFC b79 pre build server. Also, gratz on admin Jiro, saw it coming .
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    Quote Originally Posted by dominicinator View Post
    an actual gaming mouse
    Great, you can configure it's additional buttons for stair chiseling!

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    Welcome back and good luck with the new computer

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    Welcome back, hope to see you on a server soon

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