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    seeing less of DOM recently

    I have been very busy lately, as many of you may know... BUT the busy days are almost over. As I have told a few people before, I have 2 jobs, college classes and labs, and a fiance to keep happy in my off time. After today I am done with my classes until August, but my busy work season starts in June and I will be moving to a new apartment over this summer. Even with all of thos things going on I actually see myself being able to play on the servers more often (and maybe make some vids ) I do apologize for my absense on the servers, and I hope you will understand in the future.

    PS: I just paid for 3 more months of the Towny server with the donation box funds. Thank you for all of your support and I hope to see you all online in the upcoming months!


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    RE: seeing less of DOM recently

    It's good to have you back, DOM
    Hate to nag, but are you going to continue your current series on youtube? I know that you said that you won't, but I was wondering whether you were having second thoughts or anything.
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    RE: seeing less of DOM recently

    Good to hear things are going to slow down a bit

    I haven't been on for the past week. Busy with working through the entire night, and then starting again really early in the morning, working on Saturday too, Sunday family obligations and then next week more work. So I'm getting an idea what it's like being too busy

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