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    "The Ban Hammer has spoken!"

    Hello my IGN is oliverdan though my real name is Hunter (used to be friends account). I was just logging in 10 minutes ago and it said that I have been banned. Now I have sworn before but recently my town leader told me that I should be very careful about it because it was likely I would be banned. I now see how true that was haha, but also I don't believe I swore very often and certainly not in main chat after I heard how easy it was to get banned. And swearing might not even be why I was banned, that's one of the things this thread is for. To find out what it was I did wrong and try to correct it. Now I know for a fact I never griefed or was a jerk to anyone and certainly never stole, I often gave people better deals (or free stuff that might benefit them better) than was necessary. I also thought that someone received a warning and then a short term ban before permanent ban applied. So unless I made some serious mistake I'm not aware of I would like to respectfully request another chance to be a part of a great server that I doubt will be easily replaceable.

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    On the North road there is a tunnel. Someone had done massive griefing and in lieu of it all I found that you had removed 12 fences from the grief and then re-placed them back down. While you didn't commit the original grief you did re-place the fences blocking the road/tunnel which is tantamount to accessory of griefing. Also, why didn't you report it?

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    Ohhhhhhhhh omg I remember that, to be perfectly honest I just wanted to get through the tunnel so I did remove the 12 fences and then put them back down after I passed through. There is a copper mine just a little farther down the road I was trying to get to. I apologize as I did not mean to cause any damage and that was the only thing I moved.

    Also when I went through there I didn't notice any other griefing.

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    Had you not had the previous warning I would have just went with a warning in the first place. I will downgrade this ban to a warning due to the nature of the ban, but in the future pay extra attention to the rules and if you run into a situation like that be sure to report it.

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