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    Crash to Desktop

    Had a crash 2 times in a rowto desktop, here's the log:

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    Try installing Optifine.

    If you don't know what version to get, I suggest starting with:
    Minecraft 1.7.10
    OptiFine HD Standard

    If that runs well you may try Ultra. If that doesn't run well try the Light version.

    In the Standard and Ultra versions you can set chunk loading to "multi core". You should try this setting. If you get flickering chunks after that, watch my Optifine Flicker Fix video on YouTube.

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    I have located the bugged fruit tree. Please use optifine in the future as InsaneJ suggests to prevent further crashes of this sort. It will happen again given enough time.

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    Thanks forthe fast replies guys! Just installed optifine and I hope it helps, no crashes so far...

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