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Thread: Ban Appeal

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    Ban Appeal

    I was banned from the HappyDiggers' Terrafirmacraft server. (in game name kylejohn825)

    I had stolen items- ik it's against the rules and there is no valid excuse for my actions- but I assure you that if you decide to unban me, I will be utmost grateful and abide by every rules to the letter. I am also willing to replace all stolen materials (and more if necessary, as a punishment) if my ban is lifted. I was new to the server, and terrafirmacraft and wasn't even sure if i'd stay, passed by a store with a window in the front and there was armor. I took said armor and a few ingots next to it. Jiro had seen that I took said materials a bit after and confiscated them. However he failed to take the ingots and poofed away as soon as he received the armor. I remembered afterwards (hour or so after when I was telling my friend what happened) that i had also taken the ingots and planned to return them to Jiro as soon as he came back on. This however was a grave mistake because the next time I came on, Jiro questioned me about the ingots and banned me for not giving them to him in the first place with the armor. He said I should've left him a /mail or ticket but i didn't realize there was a ticket system, and I don't really use /mail so it didn't come to mind right away. After trying to search for a quality public server, HappyDiggers seemed to be the best fit for what I was looking for and turned out even better than I expected. I've grown to love this server and its community and I don't think I'd be willing to play anywhere else. Thus, I am writing this appeal in the hopes that I can be forgiven (or at least work to be forgiven) and given another chance to show my respect and loyalty to the server.

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    You left out the part where you lied to me about taking items. You only confessed to taking the armor after your friend explained how prism works. If you hadn't been caught I doubt you would have returned the items. I find it highly coincidental that you left out the part about the ingots at the time as well. I didn't know about the stolen ingots until I received a new report from the victim that stated he was missing ingots too. You outright lied to me once, how am I supposed to know if you didn't again? Or will again?

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    I've learned my lesson, and I knew you would be the one reading the report so I tried not to make the story too lengthy, as I saw it was getting long. I also only confessed to the armor cause that's what I was under question for, and forgot on the spot that I had taken some ingots because it was a recent act of theft. I lied cause I was under pressure and nervous. I just really didn't want to get banned and Ik that was wrong of me. I'm dearly sorry and if I ever steal anything ever again (which i won't) you can ban me without hesitation (which ik u would do anyway) and never have to deal with me again. But I really would like another chance at being part of this community and enjoying the server as a whole. I was just beginning to get along with some of the people on here and would really wish to keep that chemistry going.

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    I'm not opposed to second chances. You will be unbanned. As you seem exceedingly aware, if you break any rule (even the most minute) your ban will be reinstated. Heed the server rules, town regulations, etc. You are correct in that we have a great community. A good part of that is because we practice zero tolerance. Make a positive contribution to the community.

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