There seems to be a fair amount of confusion among banned players what to do when they're banned. We've had several people try to appeal their ban through MCBans (where all our global bans are routed to other servers) without realizing that they were in fact disputing their bans. There is a big difference between a dispute and an appeal.

A dispute is challenging the validity of the ban. Essentially saying that the actions of the ban never occurred, that the staff are incorrect, and that the player has been wrongly accused.

An appeal is done on our Ban Appeal forums and is a way for people to ask questions about their bans or even reverse the ban to a warning if successful.

People that are globally banned on our servers must meet the following criteria:

And if you dispute your ban your chances of a successful appeal there after are slim to none due to the accusatory nature of the dispute, the dis-respectfulness towards the staff of the server, and the unnecessary risk you are putting on the server's reputation.

All staff members who execute global bans are well trained to know if the player meets the criteria for a global ban. If your mission is to become unbanned, always appeal.