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    Custom Texture Pack

    After looking through some of the different texture packs (on the TFC forums), i decided that they all suck. I decided to make a combination of a few, plus some other vanilla ones to created a decent looking one. If any of you would like a new texture pack to use while playing TFC, take a look at this one.

    The following texture packs were used in the making of this one (credit for each is provided in the links):
    Faithful (TFC Edit)
    Nyssa's Touch of Realism
    Cubcon Texturepack

    Additionally, please tell my in game or reply to this thread if you' like me to modify, add, or delete some textures. Suggestions are always welcome!
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    I use a different texture for jackolantern that makes them look like lamps, one thing i noticed, though you may want to keep them that way.

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    Also, check the red and blue buckets, they are 33 instead of 32.

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    Yeah, i couldnt figure out the issue with them, thanks.

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