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Thread: Placing Lava

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    Placing Lava

    I understand that sulfur spawning on a chiseled block will make you crash. Does anyone know what the spawn radius from lava that sulfur will spawn? Also, I plan on encasing the lava on all 8 sides with glass; could this cause a problem too?

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    Lava by glass will be fine, as far as I know chiselled blocks were the only problem. Going by the dynmap, the sulfur radius looks to be usually 2 or 3, but possibly allow 4, I wasn't sure exactly what I was seeing on the dynmap but I never saw any sulfur more than 4 blocks away.

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    Placing glass around lava doesn't 100% stop it either. I've seen several cases where lava was fully encased and still managed to spawn sulfur outside of it. It greatly lowers the chance, but if it happens and you get stuck in a crash loop an administrator will likely just delete the chunk given previous issues with people doing the same thing. It's better to just wait for the next .16 TFC update which boasts a fix for the problem.

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