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    Banned and you guys send me this

    ok ok ok here is the link for what you guys sent me it was a week ago i think when i got banned from this server terrafirmacraft one and you guys said If you want to appeal go to and then i opened a dispute not knowing what i was doing thinking it was a appeal thingy later on you guys say you should have been to our fourms first etc etc etc. anything you wanna say happydiggers community sorry if on wrong thread but

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    and also I never knew disputes led to this because you guys said i cannot be unbanned after open it you guys should had say WARNING: if you open a dispute without un-ban request rejected make sure to appeal at our website so anything you wanna say
    like should you had left me with a warning there?

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    We banned you under the guidelines of MCBans. Our notation on the ban was explicit and justified as per MCBans rules. We do not need to explain how to appeal your ban in the ban listing. It is your responsibility to look into the options for appeals. You chose to dispute your ban, you were found guilty by MCBans staff, and you were a real snob about it. Even if you had appealed on our forums instead of making a dispute I can guarantee that you would not have been unbanned given your attitude and demeanor. You broke the rules. You were banned. Deal with it.


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    ok i understand i did threatened a little i am sorry but thaqt does not give you a right first off to tell me to get appealed at without saying your website first.

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    and also 12 year olds are 12 year olds right?

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    also i got the server off the terrafirmacraft website i didn't knew there was a website at the time sorry for being such a two year old about it to but why didn't you guys tell me how to get appealed first?

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    ok ok also i forgot the rules after rules but notch might "forgive" me a little right ok not a little just a little crumb

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    Ok ok i may have been a snob you guys say but If you guys atleast give me a second i will be better than before i learned my lessons about being rude
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    We have regular server messages that cycle the website to the public chat. Anybody who plays the server will see these messages. Everyone that has joined the server has to navigate the spawn maze. There are a complete set of rules posted at the spawn maze entrance and at spawn. The website is posted in both locations. The spawn book is given to all players that join and has the same rules listed within it's pages including a link to the website. You said that you found our server on the TFC forums? Well the website is listed there too.

    The point is you've had multiple opportunities to visit the website and learn what you needed, and you chose not to. The ban stays. Moving forward I strongly suggest you learn how to think before you act. Everything you do has a consequence.


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