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    New leather supplier

    I have started my own leather workshop. I have high hopes to one day be the largest supplier of leather in the server.
    This is my workshop:

    This is my storage room. I always keep 6 barrels of limewater, 6 barrels of tannin and 15 barrels of freshwater in stock

    If you would like to buy some leather, message me while I'm online, and we will negotiate the trade. I try to always keep 2 stacks of leather in stock at a time, but one day I hope to keep a chest of it at a time.

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    If you would like to set up a shop in Highrock, if prices are posted I can facilitate trades if you like

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    Nice Job looks amazing how can I pay with ?

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    Just in case: the thread is old and the user was last on the forum 31 March. You can check when he was last time online in-game:
    /res Dreadmine876

    P.S. If you need leather and I will be online, I could sell you some, cheap.
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