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    Username:xennos_g2 & caasimil. We keep timing out on the logins, we might be on corrupted chunks.Help!We were in one of the spudcity's metropolis before this happened.
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    The dynmap is showing your two characters and myself as well as 2 others stuck in place. Also, when I try to log in the same 6 people seem to be stuck on the server. I guess we are stuck on the server somehow and not able to log back in.

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    The server and dynmap are frozen in the same way as yesterday when Jiro had to find a faulty chunk, so I guess the issue may well have the same cause.

    If everyone can avoid the hoppers and olive oil etc. until they have been more thoroughly tested we may get more play.

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    .17 was a direct result of the hopper crash which was reported and fixed. Hoppers don't cause the issue anymore, however I still haven't found an explicit cause other than possible dirt update issues on things it shouldn't be. It's hard to pinpoint something like this and the last fix I did for the problem required removing a 5x5 chunk area and rebuilding the roads. I'll look into it when I can.

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    Thanks Jiro, appreciated as always.

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    It's definitely dirt related. Something must be happening with dirt in the transition to the new update that has a small chance to mess with the dirt. It's likely a repetitive fall action event. Once I located the area, I started sniping with worldedit until I got a hit that didn't crash. I'm in the area that constantly timed out this time around (spud city's second city down south) and no timeout is occurring. I'll De-activate the whitelist again, but I'm going to leave the worldguard border up so only staff can enter the area. When I get some sleep (It's 5 AM here ) I'll do a more thorough walk through to see if I can find some clues.

    I hate to say it, but this will probably happen again. Fortunately this is the second time my theory on the repetitive dirt action seems to have panned out, or at least it has something to do with dirt. So if any more timeouts occur it's just a matter of find out which main area it's in so I can remove it.

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    Could it be linked to the change in ore, since it turns into cobble and can be destroyed?

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    On the theme of dirt, before .16 came out dirt had a chance to simply vanish when it was supported by support beams and trying to turn into grass, but they've changed that behaviour, could this be related?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainnmannx View Post
    Could it be linked to the change in ore, since it turns into cobble and can be destroyed?
    I didn't know that, but I don't think so. The second timeout was fixed only by turning dirt [190] into stone [1].

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    Frozen again.

    My support ticket today may be relevant - a repetitive fall of cave-in cobblestone onto chiselled stone. (I managed to find it and remove).

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