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    TFC Timeout Report Thread

    Please post here if TFC is experiencing a timeout where you cannot log in because it says "timeout" and the dynmap is frozen with players not moving on it.

    If this occurs please provide screenshots of the dynmap showing player positions around the world. This will help me find the cause of the timeout quickly.

    How this happens:

    I have found and removed 6 so far, and we will probably find more. I can't know where the corrupted dirt is until someone runs into it and causes a timeout, when that happens please post the dynmap screenshots.

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    Crap, I wish I'd read this earlier. This timeout is on me. I chiseled the floor of my root cellar, and then tried to expand it -_-

    This one is absolutely my fault. I'm sorry.

    I'm at 7347, 65, -7665
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    I don't think there is any chiseled blocks around me but i have the same issue where when i try to log in and it says timed out.

    I'm at 7721 65 -6994

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    Neither of you were the cause. I have no evidence supporting that it's reproducible by individual player means post update. It's only corrupted blocks that were placed pre-update and loaded/found post-update. I swept your areas and they were clean. Also, screenshots please!

    The timeout was not identified and will happen again since I have no definitive location.

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    That's really weird, because the way it seemed on my end was that I dug out the wrong block, dirt blocks began to fall, there was a visual glitch that looked both like a dirt block sitting on top of my (chiseled) floor, and like a continuously-falling dirt block, while the cave-in sound layered over itself until it was a solid tone, and then it kicked me out. I know you say my area was clear, but I do think I triggered it, especially since (having now gone back in) I appear to have gone slightly back in time, to before I did some building of a wall, and before I dug out that wrong block.

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    All of these kinds of timeouts cause a time loss since the server can't stop without being forced. If you had triggered it then it would re-trigger anytime someone was nearby. I have yet to find definitive proof showing that this can be caused by block placement post-update. Since all of the previous cases occurred with untouched pre-update areas, and your area was fine when I checked it, I have little reason to think that has changed. Essentially dropping dirt on chiseled items just causes the chiseled item to break.

    Found it

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    Was able to replicate the timeouts on a forge server when using 10-15 of them at the same time. Bug was reported and announced fixed for .18. Hopefully we won't have to deal with this too much longer.

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    Good work

    How many reported critical bugs does that make? We should make a list and point at it every time they give us a hard time for using Cauldron

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    It seems it's the timeout again. I didn't cause it, was just moving chests.

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    Think we're frozen again. It's possible that it's me, I was in a cavern near falling cobble, but can't think there'd be any detail-chiseled blocks.
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