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Thread: Ban Appeal

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    Ban Appeal

    Ban From: jiro_89

    It says I was banned for griefing. I chopped a fence down and hit a cow and not sure if I killed it or not.
    I did not know I could I destroy the fence. If the land wasn't claimed then I am confused. If it was I do not know how i destroyed it. I am sorry I did it and will not do it again. I would just like some clarification on what I did.

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    You broke something that did not belong to you. You griefed someone else's place.

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    Will you please consider it. I really like the server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hooded2041 View Post
    Will you please consider it. I really like the server.
    If you liked the server then why would you grief? There are so many signs, messages, and command options that make it impossible to get through the server without being exposed to the rules. Most importantly, why would you break into someone else's house to mess with their animals? I can imagine if that happened to one of your hard earned animals or someone tool your metal items that you would be furious.

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    I would be a little mad but it is is what it is. I play faction some and i will sometimes get raided but i do not get real mad. Just a little annoyed that i have to build my base again. And Just asking, who base is it?

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    Well on our servers it doesn't go unnoticed as you found. The houses belong to Pernix_8D, but it does not matter who they belong to. If it's not yours don't touch it. I will downgrade your ban to a warning, but if you break the rules in any way, shape, or form you will be banned again.

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    Thank You. I think That is fair. I have learned my lesson and will only look at others not break or take things without them saying so.
    Thank You again and i think it is a really good server.

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    I am still in the prison. I got out when you killed me, but when i re logged today i was back in the prison.

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    Apparently the prison is a little too secure

    I'll disable it again temporarily and set a temporary home for you. Be sure to set a home when you leave.

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