In game username: parkourmaster22
How long have you been playing TFC: i've played on this server before the word rest and everything, i played it for a few weeks and then my pc broke, and i kind of forgot how to play, but the wiki and other awesome people on the server are helping me. ive played about a month in total, but i get the gist of it.
Why do you want to join the Hard Core group?: i wanna fresh start, and i wanna see how long i can survive by myself or with somebody and it looks like an awesome idea you guy have made.
Name a rule from the [/rules] command in the TFC server:
I will name all the rules, how about that?
1.Respect Staff and other players. stealing or griefing swearing or abusive language not turn our town spawn into a deathtrap.
5.protect your town with towny
6.lag shall not be complained about, mentioning the "l" word is forbidden