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    Talking Where is our server? *sniffles*

    *whiney noises* Ok Ok I understand. Maintenance. And We are of course very appreciative of all the hard work that goes into these servers. ( Thank you InsaneJ and Jiro and all other awesome mods and Admins. )

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    Oh it's down to maintenance? I didn't know that. Was there any kind of notification?
    But thank you for offering such a good server <3

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    There there, it'll be okay soon

    *pats the little hermit on the head*

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    A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.
    - Ayn Rand.

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    The server was down for maintenance. I had to move it to another case. There are a bunch of reasons for doing this. Mostly because the old one had served it's purpose for the better part of a decade and was getting hopelessly out of date. But mostly because I couldn't put in more drives in because the clips on the side of the drive bays had all broken off during the years. Instead of being able to put in 16 drives behind active cooling (and 6 with passive cooling), I could only sort of put in 8 and that's with some fancy McGuyvering. So I decided it was time to replace the old case with something shiny, a Fractal Design DEFINE R4 Black Pearl. The new case has room for 8 drives behind active cooling and up-to-date features like tool less access, dust filters, noise dampening material, more cooling fans, etc.

    While moving the parts from the old to the new case it looked like the PSU had died. There appeared to be a short circuit. This is one tough PSU, it's been with me for well over a decade now. Thermaltake pure power 680W. I was more surprised that it had lasted this long running 24/7 than that it would have broken down at this point. So I replaced it with a Corsair AX850. And then of course the thing still didn't work. While troubleshooting further I found that one of the fans in the 5 1/4" drive enclosures was causing the short circuit. This is an enclosure that holds the 4 SSD drives on which the Minecraft servers run. Not a good place to have a short circuit in.

    All in all I wasted 2 hours of my time trying to pin down the exact problem and a perfectly good PSU which will now probably collect dust for a decade. All because I suspected it was dead after a decade. Lesson to be learned here: never assume anything!

    After the hardware issues were resolved I turned on the server and checked that the TFC and TFCHC servers were running. What I didn't check for were the Lobby and proxy server. Those didn't automatically start I discovered this morning. So after manually starting those, every thing was up and running again.

    Right now the server holds the following drives:
    • 2x 3TB 7200 rpm Seagate drives in RAID 1 for OS, mail and website.
    • 2x 300GB 10.000 rpm WD Velociraptor drives in RAID 0 for Dynmap tiles.
    • 4x 80GB Intel Postville SSD in RAID 5 for Minecraft servers.
    • 3x 3TB 5400rpm WD Red drives in RAID 5 for bulk storage.

    The drives are all connected to an Areca 1680i dual core 1.2GHz IOP348 PowerPC RAID controller with 4GB cache memory.

    So yeah, just another day in the life of a server host

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    I've enabled auto start for tfc02hc, lobby and the proxy for the next reboot

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    You guys are the bes! It sounds like a lot of nit-picky work and we do appreciate it.

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