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    Sequoia crashes hardcore server

    I've heard the TFC devs mention sequoia felling as something that can crash a server years ago but I'd never experienced it until today, I figured it was just a myth. Myself and others caused some crashes today, but luckily the auto-restart feature works well.

    I don't think there's anything that needs doing, not that there's anything you probably can do about it, but I thought I'd mention it so people reading might be careful about felling sequoias when the server is busy, number of players online may be a factor. Weird that it never happened on regular server though, that I'm aware of. Would climbing halfway up and doing the tree in 2 parts help?

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    Caution and a bit of common sense, to not purposely make crashs.
    Since old bug of heat item in barrel (all the time have any idiot to re-repet the same wrong again and again)

    If you use a stone axe firstto remove part of sequóia leaves and later your better axe is a good thing, because it removes the leaves gradually (the worst part are the leaves).

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    Ah yea, I have been cutting down the giants, but I use stone axes so it doesn't eat my good one. Hence never getting the crash I guess.
    So if people just use caution and do them piecemeal we will be fine.

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    This is just one of those cases where the poor code design of TFC shows. On the TFC Regular server I've chopped down dozens of Sequoia trees to make charcoal without any incident. And then someone chops down their first and it causes a crash. We have never been able to pinpoint what circumstances reproduce the problem exactly.

    For those interested, this is the crash that happened last night:

    I'm not going to report it to the TFC devs. If anyone else wants to: feel free to get chewed out. We run Cauldron so it's our own fault. Devs won't look at anything but regular Forge. Even though almost all the bugs we've submitted originated on a Cauldron server and were reproducible on regular Forge proving Cauldron didn't cause the issue...

    Anyway, frustrations aside
    Like it's been suggested above. Try to use your wits. We won't get angry with you if you cause a crash. But if you know it's going to happen, try to avoid it if at all possible. So if you perform action X and the server goes down. Then when it comes back you perform action X again and the server goes down again. That's probably a sign that action X may cause the server to crash. Post what you did, where you did it and the time you did it on the forum and maybe we'll be able to figure something out.

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    That's a good idea with starting with a stone axe, I figured it was probably leaves rather than wood blocks, and like you said 1 stone axe will trim some of the leaves and then follow it up with a metal axe so it doesn't have to do the whole thing in one go.

    Yeah I knew it wouldn't be worth reporting to TFC, it's probably a deep rooted issue that they know about anyway, just weird that it never happened to me before.

    In other news, spellcheck thinks "axe" isn't a word
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