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    Question Time for a Main World (regular) reset?

    Perhaps I am speaking out of turn here, but it seems that more and more, people are applying to HC not out of any great masochistic drive nearly as much as being lonely in the regular world.
    Players are feeling like everything has allready been built and done in the regular world.
    Many feel as if the world is a touch used up, and in the case of Graphite, it's hard to find due to the map's version generation.
    Perhaps a fresh map? I know it's a huge hassle for the administration, but it feels like it's time.
    Starting over is fun. New towns are fun.
    New alliances and roads and things to do.
    And yes, fresh resources for all.
    Just a thought. Onviously there are a lot of nice outposts to be copied over because they are hella neat.
    . Perhaps the prettiest village should be clipboarded and preserved.
    Just my two cents as I watch the traffic over the days.
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    First off, we value your input. If you have any ideas please feel free to post and discuss them

    The current HappyDiggers TFC Regular server represents several months of work done by a dozen or so volunteers. It's much more to us then a randomly generated world like the current HappyDiggers TFC Hardcore server is. The roads, which we build for people who would rather walk than teleport, took up many many hours of tedious work. The dozens of outposts, NPCs, signs and whatever else we put into the map are too much to just simply discard.

    The world is 80.000 by 80.000. Resource wise you guys have barely scratched the surface. If you lack resources in one area, move somewhere else, the world is huge. And just because you see a town somewhere doesn't mean that area is depleted, not by a long shot. Most towns only use a fraction of what's available in their direct area.

    If you wish to start a new town, you can. Nothing is holding you back from starting over and forging new alliances. Well, maybe something is holding you back: You Server wise you (and your friends) are free to do so.

    As for the Regular server being empty, that's just not true. As I started writing this response I took the following screenshot:
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    At the time of that screenshot, the situation was reversed: Hardcore is empty, Regular is filled. It all depends on the players really which is why we have two distinctly different servers to begin with.

    The graphite issue is really unfortunate. But it does provide a unique experience on the TFC Regular server which you can't get anywhere else. Given that, by TFC standards, the Regular server is very easy to play on it makes graphite a hugely valuable resource and perfect for trade. From what I understand it's not really an issue since players found ways of bartering and digging up graphite themselves(look for schist). But perhaps someone else who's more active on the TFC servers can elaborate on this subject some more.

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    Fair enough! I didn't mean any criticsm of the existing world, I had just been noticing an ongoing trend over the week.
    Perhaps it's just the times I play. I had been hearing an ongoing muttering and complaints of 'no one on in regular' which is why I brought it up.
    I myself am currently embroiled in my own settlement in the HC world being all masochistic and such.
    I am perfectly happy with my towns and such as is.

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