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    Question UnBan for IronCubemc

    I would like to be unbanned.
    i repented when i go to prsion.
    i think my action was so stupid. why?
    days later the event i talk with people and add a new user for the server that gave me cheese and hours later i make a cow farm near the town of elbe97 my friend
    in that moment i was satisfied, but i knew my final for be impatient and break the wall of the house for take cows for steal the milk....
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    Would you mind typing out your appeal in your native language and then use Google translator to translate the appeal? It may clear up the language barrier better.

    Google Translator

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    Arrow traduction by google

    I wish me appealed the sanction
    I regretted when I went to prison as in the days before I had access to all the nutrients I felt pathetic to know that I tried to steal the milk from those cows after that I felt like a fool because I had achieved a problem simply took me covetousness

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    Well I think I got the gist of your appeal anyway. You will be unbanned and placed on our warned list. This means that if you break any of our rules, no matter how minor, you will be re-banned. Please review the rules and ask the staff or the community for help if you have trouble understanding them. You may re-apply for hardcore whitelisting no sooner than one month after this post's date.

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