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    Crash on joining TFCHC

    Hi, I'm crashing as soon as I join tfchc. Most likely dirt falling onto a chiseled block or charcoal.
    Location is x=3897.02, y=149.62, z=6821.89.
    Can you clean up that spot for me please?

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    It was stable for me when I went there, there was one dirt block sitting above charcoal which I removed, weirdly though all of the charcoal blocks had a height of 0 eights, I dug them all up so hopefully it's okay for you now.

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    Ah that's oresome, you saved me!
    Will test and see if I can replicate the 'feature', hopefully without the consequences.

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    Seems like single charcoal is forming as zero-height. I suspect dirt falling on this was the cause of my crashes.

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