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    Banned For Implied swearing, breaking rule 6, caps use, and disrespecting players

    Hello! I appear to have been banned for no reason. I did nothing wrong, except say things like WTF and stuff, which i don't view as cursing because i have always viewed it as What The Freak. Each time i accidentally said it, i would apologize (after i was told it wasn't allowed.) Here is my Ban Page, which dose not have a reason or proof. Also, wouldn't a punishment for cursing be a mute anyway? I don't ever ACTUALLY curse, not in real life, and only in games when i'm REALLY angry. Please help with this issue.

    Ban Page:
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    You were not banned "for no reason" and you know it. Your post title has been edited.

    Here's an extra bit RainnMannx may not know about as you came on ranting and used two alternate accounts to rejoin after I told you to appeal on the forums.

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    Is this a perm ban? Because would rules like that not be a Mute? Isn't a perm ban a bit much? And i wasn't being sarcastic when i said "Oh god whats wrong with me" Because i have a habit of using those words quite a lot when i play MC. I would never actually use F unless i was Really Mad, as i have said. I have made quite a lot of progress and being perm banned seems a bit of a over-punishment for these small offences.

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    And i actually did think it was for no reason, because i thought those other times were forgiving. Im not a lieing scumbag (No idea if scumbag is cursing let me google it. Nope it is not)

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    We do not ban "for no reason". Are you trying to imply that I am at fault here?
    Lets See...
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    Name:  wtf.png
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    This also is posted on the server.
    Name:  warning.png
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    And all the posted signs and the maze.
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    And if you go the wrong way...
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    You where warned several times by players and me, and I gave you an "official warning" soon after.
    So far you have not even apologized for what you have done.
    If you consider it not cursing and we consider it cursing then we are at an impasse, you say you are not breaking the rules and we say you are.
    At no time was "you are forgiven" or any phrase resembling "its ok" mentioned after the warning.
    And you where saying get a life because you where insulted?
    And by your comments I'm guessing after your 18 you wont be playing games anymore correct?

    Why should we reconsider letting you back on?

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    I am sorry for what i did.... but im just wondering, why such a huge punishment for this? on every other server i know this, at its worst, results in a perm mute. Also, i was angry at the time i said "get a life", and i am very sorry for saying so. I said my age, and people started saying things like "oh well that explains it". Please try to understand why i was angry. Is my ban perm? Also, i would like to know, after everything i have said, why do you seem to have a problem with me?

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    We would rather deal with it once then to have to keep dealing with it.
    If someone keeps breaking the rules, its not worth our time to keep policing them.
    Would you want to keep diverting your time to policing others who keep breaking the rules??
    This isn't every other server, there are servers that ban people that they just don't like, and there are servers that don't care and let stuff like this go on, no need to compare this server to any others, the rules for this server are the rules for this server.
    I spent a good amount of time trying to show the points for the ban, since I was accused of banning you for no reason.
    I don't have a problem with you, I switched servers to trade fruit tree saps to you for something I did not need, if I had a problem with you I would have not done so.
    The ban is permanent unless there is a successful appeal.
    There is one thing that's still missing, anything else you would like to add?

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    Well... I am sorry. For everything. Anyway, i am leaving this server because of this ban, because its a ban and i don't know why i'm typing this sentence. Anyway, i hope you all have... um... good luck? Not sure what to say. This is just my opinion, i just think that you guys don't really have a view of offence levels. For example:

    Level 1 offence: Curseing, Breaking any rules regarding chat: Temp or Perm Mute

    Level 2 offence: greifing, hacking, stealing etc.: Punishment a temp ban or perm ban depending on the severity.

    I've played minecraft for about 3 years (not always with TheVillageMaster account) and on many servers, that's how it goes. And if someone steals something from someone else, they get banned for 3 days maybe, and when they come back they have been taught a lesson and will not do it again, and if they do, a longer ban. Then a longer ban. Then perm ban. Or something like that. That's for pretty much every server i've been to. I have even been staff of a server once (I like servers with about 150-300 mods usually). Anyway, i think this server over-punishes things.


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    If the people who are punished know they can come back to the server scot free, they will, and when they do, they'll more than likely mess up again knowing they can come back, and so on.

    Anyway, this looks done and dusted. Locking the thread.

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