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    Ban Appeal

    Sorry, i just did not know if my responses would be viewed if i did not make another post. Also, if i disrespected other players, i did not mean to.... seriously, im not a bad guy. Please don't mistake this for impatience. And when i told the other players to get a life i was just a little angry because they were insulting my age. It was resolved a few seconds later.

    EDIT: Also, i think this would be a good thing for the server....
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheVillageMaster View Post
    EDIT: Also, i think this would be a good thing for the server....
    I disagree, it would be a terrible thing for the server.

    When people join the server we ask them to respect the staff and other players. We also tell them bad language and implied swearing is not allowed in such a way it's impossible for new players to miss these rules. If a player then decides to willingly break the rules it proves that player is not willing to show the staff and other players respect. Those are the kinds of players we do not want on our server.

    You said something about people giving you a certain reaction after you told them your age. You were warned about the rules several times. Then when you mentioned your age it made sense to a lot of people why you would continue to ignore the rules. You're a kid who probably hasn't had enough parenting yet to know how to behave in public. Insulting people on a server is never a good idea. It's disrespectful. And since our first rule tells you to treat other players and staff with respect, you ban was totally justified.

    Here's a small piece of chat for your review.

    After you were banned you joined the server with another account. That's also very disrespectful. We made it clear we didn't want you on our server. Yet you tried to get back in to rant about your ban. You've also now made two threads to appeal your ban because you aparently didn't get a response fast enough in your first thread. Do you perhaps think we don't have anything better to do? That we're just sitting on our hands all day waiting for people who break the rules to appeal their bans so we can reply to them promptly? We actually do have better things to do than having to deal with people like you.

    Your ban stays.

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