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    Cool Strange MCB Stuff.

    So, trying to log into the server I get the message that I have been banned, with a web address listed for MCBans. Looking up the ban number lists the reason as griefing, and the player name as stephenblong. Said player has 25 bans listed on his/her account.

    Now, my account has only had the username of nakleinman in the past. Only in the last hour or so have I migrated my minecraft account to a mojang account, and changed my username to Gobs (to be inline with my other game names).

    Is this some mistake of identity? I checked the ban thread at the top of the page and didn't see my old username (the only name I have used to log into the server) listed in the last few pages.


    It would seem that I have been global banned on MCBans by an admin of some Japanese server.... which I have never joined.

    Any suggestions would be helpful, as TFC is the only Mincraft mod I have played that I actually wanted to play on a server. It would be too bad if I can't play on the only TFC server worth playing on.

    EDIT 2:

    While looking for server information, it appears that my ban was removed. ????

    At least now I can send in that HC whitelist request
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    You're right, you didn't do anything wrong and fortunately the MCBans staff fixed it quickly.

    Stephenblong is an alias that is automatically used when the banned player's name is not a registered Minecraft name. This happens when an admin of a server incorrectly spells the player's name or it becomes an invalid account for whatever reason. What seems to have happened is an admin from another server misspelled their banned playername and you changed your MC name to that playername. The reason you wouldn't be able to join our server is that we have a minimum reputation requirement and having global bans from other servers lowers a player's reputation. Too many global bans and the player is automatically blacklisted from our servers.

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