I was told that i could borrow a saw from the player TheRealPoker's house up north near where i lived so with his permission i took the saw, while i admit he did state that i was not to move the saw away from the house, seeing as i lived close by i thought it wouldn't be a problem if i just went back to my house and used it there until i was done. later on i died with the saw in my inventory and when i went back to pick my stuff up it had disappeared. i did not intend on stealing anything nor did i mean to die with it on me. I offered to replace the steel saw with a few copper ones until the time that i am able to craft steel in which i will fully replace it but i received no answer. accidents happen i don't see why i should be banned for this simple mistake.

Thank you

PS. i apologies about submitting it twice, i didnt think the first post went through