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    Unban request please unban me

    Sorry I keep bugging you but it says that im banned again for griefing public roads but I don't recall doing that like ever since you unbanned me and hour ago I haven't been on the server. So can you please tell me what happened?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainnmannx View Post
    Oh Im being honest with you I did break the glowstone because I thought I was far enough from spawn and the grass and stuff I thought in chat it would have said like you cant build here or cannot destroy I didn't know that that was griefing. But I promise I never took those fences and I had like a power rail in my inventory but I swear I never took that stuff but the rest was not on purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainnmannx View Post
    Please give me one more chance I thought that was the stuff you banned me for in the first place. I am actually not that kind of person to grief Ive never played TFC and I really wanted to play it I wont make another mistake I promise you can keep and eye out on me or you can spawn me somewhere where I know its ok to build at. Please.

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