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    AlwaysOnline Problem

    Hi, today I tried to join the TFC server but it told me that my IP changed and I couldn't join the server. After doing some research I found out that this is because you have the AlwaysOnline plugin on the server and the minecraft servers are down. But they were not. After half an hour the server still wouldn't let me join but the authentification servers have been up the whole time. So two things:

    1st it would be really helping if you would say in the message that I can't join because the servers are down and that I CAN rejoin once they are up again. (It's a simple change to the sentence in the config file.)

    2nd it would be great if you could change the so called "check interval", the time it waits until it checks if the servers are back up, to a value that is like a minute or so, as I assume its set to a waaay higher value because, as I said, I'm waiting for half an hour now.

    It could also be that the plugin kicked in for I don't know what reason and now doesn't switch off. And yes for sure it could also be that the servers are still down and mojang just doesn't wants us to know

    So pls look into that if you find the time ;D

    After 3 and a half hours the server is still in AlwaysOnline mode, no new players can join and everyone whose ip changed can't play. Should either be a plugin bug or the check interval is too long. A simple restart of the server should fix it until the next timeout of the mc auth. server.
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    I'm having the exact same problem. Can we get this fixed?

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    Thanks for taking the time to report this issue.

    The timeout period for the Mojang sessions servers is 30 seconds. The time it takes to determine if the session servers are back up again is also 30 seconds. Normally you should barely notice those servers going down. And as long as your IP does not change and you log in with the same Minecraft client, the server will allow you to join if the Mojang servers are down.

    Today however something went wrong with the Always Online plugin. We're not sure yet what caused the problem. Jiro has restarted the Bungeecord proxy and that seems to have resolved the problem for now.

    I've changed the kick message the plugin gives players that can't join to: "We can not let you in since you are not on the same computer or IP you logged on with before!". That's assuming the plugin will behave next time. Again, what you guys experienced was a glitch and should not normally happen. The plugin has worked well for us before when the Mojang servers went down.

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