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Thread: TFC "grief"

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    TFC "grief"

    So after a week of being not active I logged on and went to my house and I wanted to see all the stuff i had... So i went downstairs to my little vault and all my ingots, ores, my forge... were gone. They're thing was to put all of your stuff in the town vault but I don't see the meaning of mining gold for hours and then have to put it in a place so everyone can use your time. If it was possible to have all my stuff back I would appreciate it a lot. By the prism plugin I saw that Urist_McFinnegan took the stuff.

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    Coordinates? Without it staff doesn't know where to look. The world is 80km x 80km after all
    Alternatively you can create an in-game ticket while standing at the crime scene. (/ticket-create They stole my stuff here) This will include your coordinates so staff can immediately do their thing. More info in the book and at spawn.

    Next time be sure to lock your stuff please. There is a tutorial on how to properly lock your ingot piles at spawn. I think it's called ingot man?

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    They didn't let me lock my chests... Anyways i opened a "ticket" there. It's in my basement.

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    Okay so apparently they have changed all my chests and took a bunch of stuff from them!

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    I took a look at the chests that had items taken and it appears this occurred 22 days ago. You were last active 37 days ago and Urist waited 15 days. Urist_Mcfinnegan is also the mayor of your town. Considering that you said you weren't allowed to use lockette I'm not inclined to re-imburse such a large scale of items. From what I can tell you went inactive and the town mayor used the items. The important point is that you knew you weren't allowed to use lockette in the town and stayed anyway. Lockette is available to everybody and if you didn't like their policy you should have left the town and joined another or started your own.

    This appears to be an internal matter for your town really. You should contact your mayor and work things out.

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