I was thinking about how people come to server, build something and leave, and others are left alone, and some collaborative projects become obsolete, etc.
And then I remembered, how Valve makes office working space. They have those mobile tables, where you have all your computer stuff, and when you like some other project, you move your desk to that room, closer to the team, and work with them. You just connect your desk to the company's net and power - that's all.

It could be fun to have such ability on a server (I guess not the TFC one, since it is not easy for modding). Active people will move closer, then after some time the remaining ones and the new ones will group again, and etc. Or maybe not.

Are there any mods with such a functionality at all, not even TFC-compatible?

I have just realized that this mobile home thing was my dream from the childhood, also firmly connected with railway and trains, and with science fiction novels, where some huge town constantly and unstoppably moved towards something on huge whells with crawler belts. (Not that one from StarWars, but the same idea).