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    HappyDiggers Movie Night

    Someone, I don't remember who, suggested we could have movie nights. So let's have some suggestions of things we could watch.
    We'll figure out if and when later.

    Remember, our channel is for a bit more mature audience than our Minecraft servers. No need to be shy about language or violence. If it's OK for YouTube, it's good enough for movie night

    My suggestion: Kung Fury

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    Total Recall (newer version) is also an option if anyone wants to watch that for the movie night.

    (Don't know how long this link will last since YouTube doesn't like copyrighted stuff)
    Watch me live, or not, up to you...

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    <---- Credit where credit is due

    I have Austin Powers Goldmember in my current movies playlist as an option.

    Of the listed movies so far, Total Recall would be my pick

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