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    Exclamation maclaxer12's ban Appeal(TFC)

    Dear Server Admins/Moderators,

    I recently started playing TFC again and looked up public TFC servers. I rediscovered HappyDiggers and tried to join the server but, I was brought up with the message of being banned by jiro_89 for griefing. I tried to find a similar un-whitelisted Towny server but, I could not find one as good as HappyDiggers. I sincerely apologize for committing the crimes which have brought me too the point of being banned.I hope you see this as how I do as I would like to rejoin the HappyDiggers Server Community and continue to have fun and make online friends.


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    Your ban:

    Please explain why you did those things. Also talk about why we should give you another chance after you clearly disregarded the rules, the instructional maze and all the warnings posted on the server.

    Please do not suggest that we monitor you if we do decide to unban you. The process is mostly automated due to logging anyway and we have better things to do.

    3...2...1... Go!

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    Just to add to the initial evidence posted, this ban was disputed on MCBans. MCBans staff ruled in favor of the ban.


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    Dear Jiro_89,

    I believe the reason why I committed the crime is I didn't know how important these rules were at the time. I just wanted to have fun. I forgot that stealing affects other players too. I thought that stealing would make me richer. But as I have figured out, it does much worse.
    Not only taking up your time by taking your focus away from more important things, it makes people loose belief in the server and how it runs. I really wish that I could undo the events that I did back in January. So with that I wish to ask for forgiveness from you and your fellow server administrators to give me a second chance to have fun on the HappyDiggers server and play Minecraft.

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    Your ban will be downgraded to a warning. This means that if you break any of the rules, no matter how minor, the ban will be reinstated. Please take the time to read through the rules and learn them well and make a positive impact in our community.

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