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Thread: Need mo' POWAH!

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    Need mo' POWAH!

    This is day 3 of power maintainance for my apartment... This morning I woke up to the sound of construction vehicles. To my surprise, I had 3 missed calls, 4 text messages saying things like "are you ok?" and "I'm worried", and no power...

    Needless to say, I forgot to set my PHONE alarm and not the CLOCK alarm... I have been sitting in this house, ever since, cleaning up the refrigerator because things have melted... I feel like I'm living in a third world country with no power!

    This week was supposed to be my week to record some new videos for my channel, do some towny updating, and to play minecraft (and skyrim), but has turned into a week of boredom and work...

    My suggestion to anyone who gets advanced notice that they will experience outages: RUN!!!!

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    RE: Need mo' POWAH!

    Meanwhile, in England, we are enjoying the sunshine and high temperatures :P
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    RE: Need mo' POWAH!

    Quote Originally Posted by Slashmate101
    Meanwhile, in England, we are enjoying the sunshine and high temperatures :P
    I live in the top apartment in my building and I live in Florida... It's like 90F here.

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    RE: Need mo' POWAH!

    Are the construction workers there like the ones down here?

    Leaning on a shovel and doing nothing? :P

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    RE: Need mo' POWAH!

    That's pretty much a universal truth isn't it?

    No power outage in the Netherlands. But we are kinda melting away here. Today it was 29 degrees C... that's 85 degrees F I think?

    It's nice weather to go out, have a drink, sit in the shade and do as little as possible and enjoy some R&R. But instead we get to work really really hard :B

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    RE: Need mo' POWAH!

    :3 I live in Finland It's 28 degrees C here, so warm.
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    RE: Need mo' POWAH!

    Today it hit 28 degrees Celsius in England. Who cares if global warming is destroying the world, it's such nice weather to have :P
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    RE: Need mo' POWAH!

    It's been 60s all week. Daily on and off rain. I LOVE IT

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    RE: Need mo' POWAH!

    I'm surprised it hasn't snowed here yet... Its been cold enough :P

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