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    unban request from KoopaTroopa860

    I am writing to apologise for breaking the rules on the HappyDiggers TFC server because of my selfish actions that resulted in a ban from yourself.

    However if the ban is ever lifted i will no longer break any rules on the server and apologise to the person directly effected.

    If you could get in touch ASAP it would be appreciated.



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    So did you read all the rules? Any other rules broken while you where on?

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    Admin edited post due to misconduct.

    Last edited by Jiro_89; 15th January 2016 at 02:15. Reason: Breaking multiple rules

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    You typically get monetary compensation for a job, we are volunteers or the owner.
    I can apologize for not seeing this post sooner, a simple "any word on the unban process?" would of worked better.
    I had some technical issues that made some posts not appear new, so I never checked them.
    Given the last post I say the ban stays.

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    What a sneaky way to be an entitled brat. Along with the continued server ban, the player has landed himself a forum ban too.

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