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    When will the server be restarted?

    The TFC server has been up for a year and a few months and as I have seen not many people play on it anymore. So I was wondering if the server will be restarted so that more come on the server. Also a few players might have changed their in game names and they can not open chests or build in their towns. -Wardovah

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    More then likely not until a new tfc comes out. There is plenty of unused area for people to build and mine. If people only come when it's a "fresh" map then they would probably leave for another "fresh" one soon after. Maybe add another spawn location? If someone needs help with a name change its pretty simple, make a ticket in game and it can be fixed. Its hard for me to understand the draw of a fresh map when there so much unused land on the current map.

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    There are a lot of different players, they just don't all play at the same time.
    I agree with the new spawn though.
    Lack of resources/room near spawn seem to be a recurrent issue for new players.
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    I think what draws so many to a new map is the starting over. If you were to leave/disband your town your stuff is still there which you could use when starting new on the map and then there is no point to it then unless the chunks can be deleted, which does not make much sense now that not many will probably play until a new map. Also there are less towns because most join already started towns at the begining but as players stop playing others make their own and finding a large spot that is not that close to other towns is hard, unless you want to walk for a long time. I do understand that creating a new map is hard as I have also helped with building on a map for another server and that there are many problems to be fixed most times even if the server is just restarting. Of course the decision if you restart the server is yours this is just my opinion.

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