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Thread: Unban Request

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    Unban Request

    I really don't know where to start with this request, and what I can say that will convince you that I'm an "ok" player. What I hope to happen is that with what I'm about to say, you might be able to change your mind about me.
    I read the rules a few times and said that I wasn't to brake the rules. That wasn't the case, because I got banned for stealing, and the griefing of two blocks. There was more stuff that I'll admit to, I looked at the map for quite along time looking for abandoned structures. Part of me knew this was wrong but, I did it anyways.
    I did come to one house and someone else was looting it with me. I did get caught in the act once and I asked if I could give him anything to appease him. I gave him some fruit saplings, mortar, bricks, magnitite, and a few other odds and ends. He said we were cool and I left to go back home. I had never been caught before and with what he said changed my thinking that what I was doing was wrong. I simmered down and stopped stealing all together.
    I went to spawn for some reason and looked around and I saw the banned people. I said that I didn't want to be in there, but I knew it was true because of the log. I knew my skin would be put on an armor stand and put on display for the server and world to see.
    You probably get this from a lot of people, but here goes. I promise to only use the dynamic map for recreational purposes and not for my own self gain. I promise to give back everything I stole, and more if you would allow me to. I hope to make recompense with everyone that I stole from and to never steal from the people of Happy Diggers again.
    I kind of don't know how I should end this, and I'm sorry if it was just you know, not many words. I guess I deserve what I got myself into and I have to pay the price for my actions. If I don't get back in the server can you give Vikusha my Red Steel bucket? I owe her one from when she helped me track down all the fruit trees. She died and I couldn't put it in a chest in time. I was hoping to give her one. I hope you consider my request and I'm sorry for having caused you trouble on the server.

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    Thank you for your apology. I'm going to bump your ban down to a warning but I fully expect you to make a positive impact in our community if you plan on continuing to play on our servers.

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