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    Smile Embassy Plot


    I own an embassy(spawn) plot east of the spawn. Apparently only MykytaI wanted the plot for his trades and show off town,. For some reason only I can build on that piece of plot but not my members of my town Snowfall. I would like to add MykytaI and Yoloswagobama to the embassy. If thats not possible, then i would like to change the ownership of that plot to MykytaI. (mykytai)

    Please help us, and thank you for taking your time to read this.


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    I'm assuming you are talking about the TerraFirmaCraft server here so I've moved this thread to that section of the forum.

    The vanity plots around spawn are made using WorldGuard and in such a way that only town mayors can build in them. This has to do with the fact that they are right next to a 'town' called spawn. Otherwise it would have been impossible to keep those plots there using Towny.

    It should be possible to add other members although I haven't tried that before. Ownership will remain with the mayor of a town though. Just to keep us sane

    Do you have coordinates of the plot so I don't have to run around and look for it?

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    Yoloswagobama and MykytaI have been added as co-owners of your display plot.

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