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    Internal Server Error - Getting disconnected from server.

    2015-11-08 08:46:00 [INFO] [STDERR] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2015-11-08 08:46:00 [INFO] [STDERR] at
    2015-11-08 08:46:00 [INFO] [STDERR] at Source)

    Screen shot I grabbed before i am disconnected.

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    Are you using Logistics Pipes?

    I sometimes had that crash when one ore more pipes got stuffed with a ton of items and I was wearing the blue HUD glasses.

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    Yes using log pipes and have the glasses on.
    How did you fix it?

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    First get teleported away from there after joining. We just did that part

    Then take off your HUD glasses and try to check your LP system. Likely candidates are pipes that are connected to an inventory where a lot of items go through. For example a Logistics Inventory Connector Pipe that's trying to send a ton of items into an Ender Chest that's full. Or a Crafting Logistics Pipe that's trying to put several thousand copper dust into a machine to produce copper ingots.

    Just break the culprits and replace them. You may loose a bunch of items in the process though. Also a server restart usually solves the problem.

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    Ended up being a provider pipe not sending stuff, it had a ton of request and wasn't sending anything. Thanks.

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