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    TFC HC Teleports

    So... the thing that sets hardcore apart from the regular server is that there are no teleports. What if we gave it teleports?

    Currently the regular server has a spawn command, town spawn, multiple personal home teleports and several town outposts. People can teleport out of danger, teleport directly to their mine, pick up barrels and teleport directly to their home storage without taking a step.

    What I propose for HC will be nothing like that.

    I'm a fan of hub based teleports, and my suggestion is that players can construct a harbour of sufficient quality and their investment in time, materials and tech will earn them a portal to another harbour on the same body of water, eliminating "wasted time" of the boat journey that is not difficult or dangerous - it's just a boring period where we hold W for 10, 20, 30 minutes... All land journeys should be done manually since there is a risk involved and obstacles to navigate around.

    This way the players travel from their home to the harbour, skip the tedious boat journey and then continue the rest of the way from the harbour to the mine/destination. Still stays hardcore, no commands that the players can type, no home town spawns, just the ability to cross oceans once they've earned it by contributing infrastructure (which brings people together and makes the place look nicer) and also the fact that they've made this journey at least once before in order to build the destination harbour.

    • Each harbour must be of sufficient quality - bricks or logs&planks with roofs and floor being a different material to the walls so effort has been made, no mudhuts! (Judgement should be flexible, we're not all Tenterro )
    • Each harbour will have... 3 slots for a command block, thus up to 3 destinations.
    • Harbours must have a jetty or docking area where players would believably exit the boat
    • Destinations must be a harbour (more specifically the jetty or docking area)
    • Each destination should ideally be 1000-10000 blocks away. It could be less, but we don't want too many harbours in the world, for one it takes admin's time to validate and secondly the point is that we should still travel a fair bit ourselves and not rely on teleports.
    • Once approved the harbour will have a command block & button placed in it to teleport nearest player (ie who activated it) to the appropriate destination
    • Chains may develop: A to B, B to C, C to D so players can travel huge distances in a few journeys
    • Animals cannot travel this way (it only teleports the player)
    • This will allow people to live in a warm climate and have access to arctic food storage bases
    • Harbours cannot cross any land, each journey must be possible on a boat. This means canals are possible, if you can build something a boat should (yeah Mojang: should - enough of your exploding boats) be able to traverse
    • Harbours do not need to be connected to towns, spawn or other networks, they can be a simple A-to-B to cross a huge lake if it's appropriate for the area and would get used enough

    Things to debate:
    • Should there be an appeasement cost
      such as red steel cladding on the command block, or red steel carpet on the teleport area? Maybe just gold?
    • All harbours will be built and funded by players, however they will be available publicly to all players, even those who did not contribute
    • Should players pay a fee-per-use? Is this even feasible, something along the lines of those rock-to-food converters, checking to see if a container has an ingot or gem inside as payment. Would this require a standard-sized basedment for redstone admin witchcraft?
    • Harbours should be protected outposts, either by an admin to claim as server land, or by the creator to prevent griefing (no build or destroy, but okay to use items and buttons)
    • Harbours need to be identifiable. How do we know where we're going? (well except it could say "north" on a sign) Maybe clad part of the building in a metal so we have the copper dock, the sterling silver dock etc?

    What do people think? Did I miss something that needs discussing?

    MC boats are stupid anyway.
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    I'll sit on this a bit and think about it. Anybody else have any opinions on this? (TFC HC players especially)

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    Interesting idea.

    I also don't enjoy the long boat journeys, insomuch as I built a massive 20,000 block long railroad to be able to largely afk navigate from my home town up north to the spawn mainland. Personally, I don't think much would be lost from the hardcore feel by having hardcore teleport harbors as defined by Heptagon_ru, since afk railways can be constructed to perform largely the same function.

    If they are implemented, I also think the harbors should be limited in use to a person who has made the journey once by boat already, or has contributed at least one port to the infrastructure, or something. Since journey validation may be difficult to accomplish, maybe the harbor station has a room, protected by a locketted door accessible to a group of contributors? Maybe a set of unused color steel armor could buy the player a "ticket" to use the system? I support the idea, though I think it should be limited to those who have put in the time and have escalated through the tech levels, so it doesn't affect the new players hardcore feel. Everyone needs to know the pain of boating in MC1.7 before being allowed to avoid it. :P The most difficult part will probably be finding a good cost/reward ratio and a feasible method of implementation that doesn't burden the admins.

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    Not interested.

    I'm going to apply to HC post-reset, because the no-teleports thing excites me. The idea of actually having a working server economy is fun. I like barter. Wasn't any good at it in most other MMOs...but I'm decent at it here.

    Plus the idea of transforming the server to facilitate travel is a nice idea.

    I don't care for hub tp's.

    Seeding the world? I guess.

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    Apply pre-reset Benanov Having the ark makes it so you can retain your tech progress, so time spent escalating pre-reset is not lost...

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    Seems like a good idea

    This idea probably would encourage trade.

    The way I see it, it's sort of a sliding scale. With no teleports, travel, and thus becomes difficult, slow and requires significant infrastructure and time spent.(Example: Railway networks) This is the situation on TFCHC now. However, with too much teleportation, such as on the regular server, there is no need for trade. With multiple teleports that are easy to set up and instant, a player can easily access all the resources needed, without having the need for trade. Thus, I think that the ideal situation lies somewhere in the middle. With limited number of teleport(harbors) locations, each requiring significant resources and time to construct, but with instant travel, trade is now easy and actually useful for players.

    Of course, the requirements for the harbors should be significant but not too large as to make it ridiculous. I propose a size requirement, as well as materials used(multiple types of wood, stone, maybe expensive metal?), and that it must be connected to town or someplace significant, not in the middle of nowhere.

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    I am... cautiously in favor. I think Harbors only, and perhaps limiting it to five or so with teleports only between those five to limit admin/server burden.

    I would love to see 5 neutral locations chosen arbitrarily on the new map before any town is claimed/set/chosen with a good geographic spread, and the rest of us choose town sites and spread our railways to those harbors. In theory giving people ongoing projects instead of hitting endgame boredom.
    Late to the server development? It will encourage players to join existing towns or place new towns somewhere along existing trade routes, much like RL.

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    Just a thought. We could make travel very expensive by introducing a server economy just for travel. A player can then sell expensive items like metal ingots to a server trader which will yield credits. Teleportation from one hub to the next will then be calculated based on distance.

    So going from the tropics to your arctic storage would maybe cost a red steel ingot or two. That should effectively prevent people from jumping all over the place like they do on the regular TFC server. If you wish to fast-travel you would have to weigh the costs versus the gains carefully.

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    Nrrgg. Then it becomes a grind with no incentive to build imo. It's expensive ports, but it's still instant travel. So the 'rich' flit about ( relatively) and those in early progression choose between walking and joining an established town.
    Not to mention all the incoming fights when the younger and less thrifty members of the town sell the town's entire stash of red ingots because "im 2 laZy 2 walk tht far lol" or " pmg my stuff was going 2 despawn". And lets not forget the begging: " Can someone lend me 2 ingots so I can join my friend I'm new".
    ( >.> I'm not jaded. really. )
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    Great idea, no more tedious boat journeys, the map is opened up, an additional late-game feature and the essence of hardcore is maintained.

    A few suggestions for these SeaGates:

    1. Difficult/expensive to construct (obsidian/gold/pumpkins/coloursteel etc. required).
    2. Must have an easily recognisable, perhaps somewhat standardised design.
    3. No other SeaGate or Spawn within x thousand blocks (otherwise the wormholes might cross).
    4. Built next to the sea (as they are powered by large amounts of saltwater).
    5. Simple two-way travel (easy to use, easy to admin).
    6. Free to all to use once completed (a convenience for the constructor, a public service, no arguments).
    7. Cannot be near an existing town, nor have a town built nearby.

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