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    Request custom player.dat migration for new TFC servers

    We are currently setting up 3 new TFC servers. More details here:

    For the scope of this thread it is important to note that the following will be done for everyone on the current Regular and Hardcore TFC servers:

    • migrate player.dat files from the Regular TFC server to the new Freebie TFC AND the new Regular TFC server.
    • migrate player.dat files from the Hardcore TFC server to the new Hardcore TFC server.

    The player.dat files contain all your skills and current inventory. The player coordinates will be modified so you will end up at the new server's spawn. You don't have to do anything for this.

    Players can transport their items to the new servers by placing them inside of the Ark that is west of spawn on both the current Regular TFC and Hardcore TFC server. These Arks will be transported to the new servers. Keep in mind that Regular goes to Regular AND Freebie. The Hardcore Ark will only go to the new Hardcore server.

    If you would like to move your player.dat file from the current Hardcore TFC server to the new TFC Regular or the new TFC Freebie server I'm willing to do that. Please reply to this thread and post your in game Minecraft name.

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    Transfer player dat from HC to Regular for Commiellama2 plzthx

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