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    Lock ark supplies until iron age?

    I had a thought and wondered if it would be popular with other players or not. We are fortunate enough to carry our skills and wealth from one world to the next, but I also like the early advancement which is rewarding but not too grindy.

    Would other players be interested in effectively starting in the stone age (plus our skills) until we reach the iron age, and that gives us access to the ark's wealth?

    The downsides are that it would require a little admin intervention (I imagine lockette on the cabin door), and that it would limit players who may just want to get on with it.

    Instead of it being enforced, would the majority of players do it for funsies?

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    I'd rather not. but I'd not object if everyone else wanted to.

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    Yeah, no vote from me too

    Defeats the purpose of the ark. Difficult to enforce (Hey can I borrow your iron anvil for a few mins?). I've done the tech escalation more times than I can count, both on my own and helping others, so the thought of doing it again doesn't really blow by hair back. If people want to start fresh, then get their stuff from the ark after a while, then cool... but should be up to the player imho

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    Would say self limitations would be the way to go, some may not even use the ark for the fun of starting new.
    Although if anyone wants to do it this way, and wouldn't mind waiting a bit (For the signs to be changed, after they are ready), ill lock up your stuff for you =P. Would be a per person deal.

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    I can't see any gameplay benefits, so I vote no.
    And If a person plans to play on the next server and chooses to try the new Ark server feature, at least for the first time it should be tried clean, to taste it better.
    A good idea could be to describe the experience and feelings about the transfer some time after server opening.

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    If I'm playing solo i would consider this a fun way to begin. I won't use any ark resource until i find it in the game world. ie, when i find a copper mine I unlock my double chest of rich copper, etc.

    But as a mayor with many members, i would have to rush to find the best place to settle and get the town going fast so people can settle in.

    I think it all comes to how you want to play

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