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    Request for new server: a vending machine selling saplings

    Since currently it seems not a problem to create a vending machine which takes one TFC item and gives back another TFC item,
    like the food vending machines or the dye ones,
    could you please consider adding on the new server 3 vending machines for sequoia, acacia and kapok saplings? Or at least sequoia?

    Sequoia trees are very good for decorative purposes, since they differ from the ordinary trees very much.

    The price can be high, e.g. a color steel ingot for sequoya, a black steel ingot for kapok, and a steel ingot for acacia.

    Maybe for kapok it can be even lower, since it probably can grow into a one-log bush

    For acacia maybe higher, since it can grow into enormous tree as I remember.
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    The vending machines are not 100% reliable. It was the only option I could find to do what we wanted with food since every kind of trade/shop plugin InsaneJ and I tried didn't work with TFC. It's not a big deal if the rock for food vending machines eat your rock without a product, you might not even notice. But if you're trying to trade a more valuable item it might become a lot more noticeable. The tfc lapis to vanilla lapis trader is the perfect example. Nobody uses it because they lose a few lapis when they use it and say it's broken. Well it's not broken, it's just that it doesn't work every single time and there's not a whole lot I can do about that. Now that trader actually requires staff intervention every single time someone wants to make a lapis trade.

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    Awww Oh well Thanks for the info and all your work!

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    Hmm. I know this may be evil to suggest, but is there any chance we could get an admin to play 'peddler' at a set time say, once every 2 weeks. for 30 minutes at a set in stone predestined and on the calendar time.

    Say the first and second whatever-day-of-the-week each month. So a town can set aside some materials for preset trades. and make them.
    Any badgering, whining, or pestering in regards to peddler dates/times would have your trading privileges revoked.

    Dyes. rare Saplings.
    Perhaps like 500 blue ingots for the last exquisite gem you just can't seem to find for your town's obelisk.
    500 red ingots for pair of animal spawn eggs because you would rather inflict that much effort on yourself than try and drag a cow or chicken 10k blocks.
    Just some ideas to promote end game fun. (And admin suffering. <3 Jiro)

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    I definitely support the notion of some trading for hard/impossible to get items, if a way can be found to do it reliably. Thought I'd stop short of suggesting the staff manually do this.

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    One potential way of doing trades could be for there to be an admin trading post where there would be signs of prices on the wall and players could place a chest with a lockette sign on it to keep it secure, also letting admins do it when convenient rather than realtime trades. Players would place the fee (an ingot or whatever) and this would be replaced with a sapling/item later. The sign could also say what they want, for example:

    kapok sapling

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    I did this with embasies when the plot perms worked.
    Can set up something like this in Highrock, or on the edge if plot perms don't work, that way I could facilitate trades, other admins could also, but since it's in / by Highrock others could say rx can do it etc.

    Could also do it as such.
    Players post signs saying what they would trade for.
    Ie blue wants to trade 1 gold for 5 copper.
    Red puts a box or dropper down with a lockette sign
    With blues name on it with what they want to trade.
    So a dropper with 5 copper
    Blue takes the copper and puts in the gold.
    Trade complete. Could be a bazaar like are with chest and stoppers that must stay.
    And if they wanted to be more secure, can place the items with what they want and when I'm on I could do the trade.
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