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    Towny Nations Questions

    I started me a town called Rockridge (plug) and am getting used to the towny commands. I don't understand what nations are or what they do. I was hoping one of you could answer some questions for me.

    1. Are nations even enabled on happydiggers?
    2. What's a nation?
    3. If I am a member of town "Townsberg" in the nation of "Nationland" can I go to the town of "Villagton" and act as a member of that town? (Ie open chests place/destroy blocks.)
    4. Can a town be a member of two nations at once?

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    1. Yes, they are enabled.
    2. Nations are a group of towns or one town.
    3. Depends on how the perms are set up.*
    4. Afaik no, same as a person can only belong to one town.

    Perms are set by chunk.
    If the towns owns the plot, and its not assigned to someone there are four selections, build, destroy, switch, and item use.
    Each selection can have each one these on or off:
    If owned by a resident, can be outsiders, allies, or friends.
    If not owned by a resident, can be outsiders, allies, and residents.

    Example, when /t is done if in a town, or /t town name if not, there will be a permissions line.
    Build = - - - Destroy = - - - Switch = - - - Item = - - - (This example only the mayor can do anything)
    Build = - R A Destroy = - R A Switch = - R - Item O R A
    (This example residents can do everything, allies (people in the nation) can build, destroy, and use items, and everyone can use items.)
    Build = place blocks
    Destroy = remove blocks
    Switch = open chest, use switches, open doors
    Use Item = Use forges, think blast, blooms, and crucibles also.

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    I have a towny question that is hopefully relevant enough to tack on here rather than creating a new thread:

    In the B78 server we could assign individual plots with perms rather than 1 perm setting for the whole town, or to put plots for sale so players can claim them. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore, do you have any info on why it's no longer that way, and if it might be expanded in the next server?

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    Afaik one of the updates that changed the forge version goobered up that part of the towny plugin.
    Unless towny is updated, think it's permanent.
    I think we tried some stuff that didn't work.

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    Towny for Minecraft 1.7.10 is no longer supported I'm afraid. So what we've got is what we're going to have to use.

    You can still set perms per plot and put plots up for sale. Just take a look at the commands documentation:

    However keep in mind that many of those things can only be set by a town's mayor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InsaneJ View Post
    You can still set perms per plot and put plots up for sale.
    Anything I try under /plot says NoPermission in white text

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    If you are a mayor and can't set claimed but not assigned plots for sale in your town then perhaps there's something wrong. Or perhaps we made a change at some point which I can't remember right now.

    Jiro, would you mind taking a look at this? Is it something we want or need to change for the new servers?

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    I tried leaving one town and creating another in case player status was corrupt between configurations but doing /plot still came back with NoPermissions in the new town. I remember you had problems setting up towny with 1.7.10 but I hadn't needed it all this time on my own but it would be useful working with random new players. If it's not possible then that's the way it is.

    If there's some scope for a workaround it would be useful to have plots that only a mayor could build/destroy/switch and the rest of the town for residents rather than individual resident/plot management. Failing that we might be able to come up with some creative use of nations.

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    The per plot permissions don't work and haven't worked for several months and a several updates back now. I talked to the towny developers a while back about it but they said they didn't support older versions of towny and due to the limitations of newer versions of towny with older versions of cauldron, we can't upgrade. We will be trying a newer version of towny in the new server though, so hopefully it'll work out and gain all the functionality it had previously.

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    It would definitely be nice to have plot specific permissions if at all possible. Help calm worries of accepting new people, not knowing if they're going to cause problems. Some way to have a 'newb plot' that allows item use but nothing else. Maybe even an outsiders shack, so non-citizens could have a place to shelter, use a quorn but not be able to take it. Etc. I know we can prism stuff, its just better to not have to deal with it in the first place.

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