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    Uncertainty Surrounding Move Date Hurting Community

    Uncertainty surrounding server move date is hurting the community.

    Imagine a town that is soon to be blasted off the face of the earth. All the residents will safely escape along with their belongings so they are staying for now. They don't know when the move will happen specifically but it could be any day now or months away. Nobody wants to invest the time and money in maintaining their homes, gardens, or jobs. Why would they? The entire community could be blasted off the face of the earth at any time. Nobody wants to build anything. What is built is not meant to be aesthetically beautiful because it wont last in any event. The towns people stand in a state of partially packed for the coming Apocalypse waiting. They long for the move to the new town to happen already so that they can start building roads, homes, and other things.

    This server is that town. New players are unlikely to stay because by the time they get their feet on the ground it will be swept out from beneath them. Older players amass more resources but don't start new ambitious projects since those projects will likely never be completed.

    What I'm asking for is for the admins to set a date for when the move will happen and stick to it if they can. I believe having a date will allow people to make real instead of speculative choices about how much they want to continue investing in the server.

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    As in previous threads, when we feel we can set a date, we may. As of right now there is no date.
    Say we set a date now, everything goes great and it gets done early, we could have announced the week or two warning but since the date is say five weeks away we would have to stick with it or people would get upset for not doing it when the date was set.
    Opposite of that, hardly anything goes good, and there is much to do by the date, so then we could say sorry, that dates not good, it will be longer... more upset people...
    Right now you can gather the material required for the builds, which you would have to do anyways in order to build, just have to wait if you want to build.
    It will be here soon enough.
    Server updates have been done several times, and this is the first time im aware of that you actually can take stuff to the new map.
    Other times its been starting fresh.
    We are trying to make it a great experience
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    We didn't have to tell anybody anything and folks would just continue playing not knowing new servers were being worked on. We chose to announce our plans so people could be kept in the loop and so we could have great community feedback. We can't just snap our fingers and say, new server right now. It takes several months of planning and building. Depending on the kind of TFC server, they take several days just to generate, then several more days to determine viability for a long term server that people can enjoy. We have an entire thread devoted to the new servers where everything we've talked about regarding them is located. Heck the B79 servers (the ones you're currently playing on) took 3-4 months to make and several hundred hours worth of work in game from many volunteers.

    When we know they'll be ready we'll make an announcement, like we always do. Nothing has changed. We're not suddenly trying to hide our server plans. This is the first time we're instigating an item and character transfer to allow folks to take skills and items into the servers. That alone maintains game continuity between servers.

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