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    HappyDiggers Ark: Survival Evolved Servers

    HappyDiggers Ark PvE Servers

    HappyDiggers Ark PVE CrystalIsles

    HappyDiggers Ark PVE Valguero

    HappyDiggers Ark PVE Extinction

    In Game Commands

    How Voting Works

    Custom Server Loot

    Structures Plus Non-Default Config Changes

    How to use Protected Passives


    Donor Perks for HappyDiggers Ark

    Our Ark server configurations were modified from default values to deliver a fun and entertaining gaming experience for those that play on it. These settings have been thoroughly play tested and have been determined to fit the kind of gaming experience a casual gamer would enjoy.

    All HappyDiggers Ark servers are in the same cluster. This means you can transfer your character, items, and dinos between all HappyDiggers Ark servers. Visit an obelisk or loot crate in-game and select the "transfer ark data" button at the top of the interface to initiate a transfer.
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