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    Structures Plus mod updated.

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    Structures Plus mod updated again.

    I'm bringing the dino scan function back to see if it might not be as overpowered now. The S+ update allows for removal of the dino location listing, so people will be able to view the number of dinos and what levels are available on the map but not know where they are located.

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    Vote rewards plugin has been patched by the developer and he added multiple server support. I'll try and get that up and running on the servers again sometime this week.

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    Updated the Ark shop, extended rcon, and vote plugins, and re-added the mute plugin for moderator usage.

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    Recently a player reported that the server was auto muting people for saying things like "balls". I've ripped the auto-mute config out of the mutes plugin as my original intention was to give staff the ability to mute players as needed and not censor the community as a whole. Mutes will now work as intended, being distributed by staff members.

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    Ark servers updated to version 282.102.

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    Ark server API and vote rewards plugin updated on all servers. You can collect your daily votes on any HappyDiggers server. There is a 30 second cool down between vote claims according to the latest update.

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    Extinction event was added to the startup script but wasn't activated due to the restart bug. The servers have been manually restarted and are now running the extinction event flag.

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    Third person enabled on all Ark servers so that game play is standardized between Aberration and the rest of the cluster.

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    Plugins updated: Ark API, Advanced Chat, Ark Cross Server Chat, Ark Shop, Improved Commands, Player List, Permissions

    Plugins added: Ark Advert, Ark Modified Spawn Level Distribution, Dino Colour Command, Personal Ownership, Shop Reward

    • All servers now have Ragnarok style dino level distribution (means higher level dinos overall
    • Server messages added, more will be added as I have the time
    • Dino colour command is planned for donors
    • Player kills/deaths and tamed/wild dino kill stats available with "/mystats" command used in the chat box.
    • Personal ownership of structures can now be removed by players, info will be posted on the first page at some point

    Plugins added to select servers that may or may not be activated yet: Ark Homes, Kill Feed, safe Zone, Teleport, Weekend Rates

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