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    Large Ark Update:

    In game commands are formatted, edited, and appropriate for the servers now. Details on the Original Post under the commands spoiler. Check them out, there are new commands that you may not be aware you could be using such as /home.

    Donor levels are re-activated. Current donors will be receiving the new perks. If you meet the criteria for one of the chibi pet perks, please contact me via private message to work out specifics. More donor perks are to come.

    Ark shop items have been slightly adjusted, but will require more work to finalize.

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    All current donors have been given their appropriate bonus points. View your points with the /points command while in game.

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    The Ark Love Evolved event has concluded.

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    The new Ark Genesis server has been added.

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    Configurations have been fixed for the home plugin. Teleport cool down times have been fixed to 60 minutes instead of 3600. The plugin author said the configuration was read in seconds... Apparently not!

    These changes will take effect the next time the servers restart.

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    Breeding configs modified back to 2x hatch speed and 3x baby growth speed. Not sure how they reset themselves, but the changes should take effect after the next server restart.

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    Looks like all s+ scructures are gone on valguero my bases are gone lol

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    The new server donor period has expired. Ark Genesis is now open for all.

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    Servers updated to patch 309.4.

    Patch Notes:

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