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    Quote Originally Posted by InsaneJ View Post
    I've updated the generic "" banners with these:
    Attachment 3650

    Attachment 3651

    Attachment 3652

    Attachment 3653

    Hope you like and perhaps it'll draw a bit more attention to them

    Cool font!
    Watch me live, or not, up to you...

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    As some of you may have noticed, Ark server instances have been randomly shutting down. We've been maxing out our RAM for the Ark servers for several weeks now. I believe most of the RAM issues may be related to plugins, so I've temporarily removed half of the plugins to see how well the server holds up.

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    Today I'm aggressively wiping inactive tribes ranging from thatch to metal tiered structures. Tribes that have been inactive for at least 5+ months with starving dinos and broken into bases are all on the chopping block. I haven't done a serious cleanse on the Ark servers for a year and a half or more. Ragnarok is the first and other servers will follow as I have time/motivation. This isn't a server wipe, just an inactive sweep. Most of the metal tiered tribes haven't have an inactive sweep since each server's creation anyway. The Island in particular needs a thorough cleaning.

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    The Island has been swept for inactives as well.

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    Scorched Earth swept for inactives. That's it for the sweep. Aberration is too new to be doing a sweep for right now. Remember, if you're looking to take over a certain spot that a base is already on and know that the owners of the base haven't been online for a while it doesn't hurt to ask me or other staff about the possibility of removing it. There is a process and method to determining inactivity.

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    Advanced chat plugin updated to version 2.3. Webchat and discord chat experimentation.

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    Ark servers updated to version 280.115.

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    Ark servers updated to version 280.132.

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    Ark servers updated to version 281.107.

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    All Ark server mods re-installed to possibly fix crashing issues due to corrupted mod files. Advanced chat and Ark shop updated.

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